‘Prabhu Upvan’ is the sub-zonal headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris’ centers situated in North Mumbai. It serves as a communication hub for all the meditation centers located between Jogeshwari and Virar (suburbs in North-Mumbai and Thane District), and also for the centers at Saphale and Vapi (Gujarat). Presently, this geographical range includes a total of 27 centers, each center a place which offers silence, time and guidance for self-introspection to innumerable spiritual seekers. At important times in their life’s journey, thousands of spiritual students and well-wishers converge to ‘Prabhu Upvan’ for deep, intense practice of meditation. ‘Prabhu Upvan’ thus finds a place at the core of many deeply significant personal stories of self-transformation, besides being the mainstay for the administrative directives for associated Rajyoga centers.

‘Prabhu Upvan’ is also the National Co-ordinating Office for the Transport & Travel Wing (TTW) of RajYoga Education and Research Foundation, a sister organisation of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. Prabhu Upvan is at the heart of nationwide customised programmes organised for personnel associated with surface transport and tourism industry. Innovative resources which can sensitise people to practice human values in personal, professional and social circles are created and disseminated to Brahma Kumaris centers across India, which in turn use it as tools for expansion of spiritual activities. 


Exclusive 18,000 sq. feet five-storeyed campus

Centrally AC Auditorium (300 capacity)

Spiritual Art Gallery

Meditation Rooms

Training Halls

Accommodation facilities

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