Organised for different professional groups, these events equip one to decipher the subtle signals along life’s journey, to rediscover latent potential and to step ahead in the face of challenges.

A platform for leaders to discuss challenges, reflect on the process of decision-making, reaffirm the joy of working with values and make a commitment to create an ethically sound work environment.

Educational Programmes
Students, educators and parents expand their understanding on the significance of Learning and take inspiration to become skilled at the art of Living Lovingly.

Social Initiatives
Effective and lasting solutions to key issues in modern society can be found, not in books or discussions, but in exemplary living. Value-based social outreach programmes address issues like Women Empowerment, De-Addiction, Road Safety and spiritual support for the under-privileged and physically challenged.

Health-care programmes
Health care professionals, individuals with health-concerns and the common people gain benefit from programmes which help explore inter-connections between mind and body. These include diabetes camps, value-based seminars and health check-up camps.

Community Get-togethers
Experience Joy as you meet members of your community, experience Bliss as you meet the beauty within every human being, experience Blessings as you meet the Divine through Meditation.

Spiritual expertise and secular proficiency complement each other to offer fresh perspectives on the way of living where a balance between aspiration and satisfaction, progress and happiness can be maintained, naturally.

Summer Camps
Creative Minds and Happy Hearts express feelings, learn skills, make friends and play games while their spiritual teachers sow seeds of right thinking and value-based living during the interaction.

Transport, Travel, Tourism
A variety of outreach programmes to enable people in the roadways, railways and tourism industry to explore their innate values, realize their potential and experience holistic development.

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