BK Divyaprabha
Subzone In-charge (Borivali, Mumbai)

‘Prabhu Upvan’ God’s Glorious Garden, will blossom in its spiritual beauty and the fragrance of its purity and divinity will allure more and more souls towards God’s Love. It will continue to serve the community, the city, the country and the world at large, by emanating vibes of peace, purity and power, thereby creating an environment which sustains happy living. Irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion, it will welcome and offer a sense of belonging to all who walk in.

In the spiritual teachers and students at Prabhu Upvan, I see an inclination to refine the understanding of spiritual knowledge and the will to fine tune their behaviours and interactions, thus taking the service initiatives to a higher pedestal. I envisage future seminars, retreats, dialogues and training programmes offering insights into spiritual wisdom and human values, well-supported by the practical demonstration of exemplary living.

I foresee ‘Prabhu Upvan’ developing as a centre of spiritual attraction for national and international tourists with a keen interest in Spiritual Tourism. Only Time can reveal, but in my vision of the future, it will become known as one of the finest destinations in Mumbai for those who are navigating through this vast, but intricately woven world in the search of Peace and Happiness.

Preceding the advent of a world of harmony and unity, will be testing times of chaos and confusion; but stepping in here, people will experience God’s canopy of protection and His gift of spiritual strength. Prabhu Upvan, hence, will be a haven which reinforces faith in God as the anchor of one’s life.

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