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  Welcome to God's Glorious Garden  
'Prabhu Upvan', a RajYoga Retreat Center of the Brahma Kumaris, offers spiritual activities to the society based on the fundamentals of Rajyoga Meditation. A pure, serene space in the busy city of Mumbai, it features a warm, welcoming ambience charged with vibrations of Peace, Love and Happiness. Any individual, who visits the place even for a short while, cannot leave uninfluenced by its sacred charm.


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Prabhu Upvan
'Prabhu Upvan' is the sub-zonal headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris' centers situated in North Mumbai. It serves as a communication hub for all the meditation centers located between Jogeshwari and Virar (suburbs in North-Mumbai and Thane District), and also for the centers at Saphale and Vapi (Gujarat).
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'Prabhu Upvan' God's Glorious Garden, will blossom in its spiritual beauty and the fragrance of its purity and divinity will allure more and more souls towards God's Love. It will continue to serve the community, the city, the country and the world at large, by emanating vibes of peace, purity and power, thereby creating an environment which sustains happy living.
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The genesis of this Retreat Center is founded in dedicated, constant efforts and pure, loving sustenance since 1965. The first meditation center in north-western suburbs of Mumbai was located at Kandivali, and the expansion of the altruistic endeavours was unstoppable.
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Our Courses

Course Details
Prabhu Upvan invites people from diverse backgrounds to come and experience one's innate, eternal qualities - that of Peace, Love and Bliss. Corporates, Institutions, Clubs, Associations, Community Groups and every individual inclined for a Positive Change may contact us for organising any of the below mentioned events.
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Other Initiatives
Seminars, Dialogues, Educational Programmes, Social Initiatives, Health-care programmes, Community Get-togethers, Collaborations, Summer Camps, Transport-Travel-Tourism Outreach Programmes
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Free Rajyoga Meditation Course (in Hindi)
Learn Rajyoga Meditation at your nearest center, one week course beginning every Monday.
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The most important journey you can take is the journey within. This is a journey to the truth of who you really are.This is the place, just beyond every day consciousness, where spiritual empowerment begins.Spiritual power gives you the power to choose creative thinking rather than automated thinking, response rather than reaction, peace, love and harmony rather than stress, conflict and chaos.
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What they are saying about us

Subhash Ghai,
Film Director
Always a Spiritual Trip we all need. Thank you. Love....
Leander Paes,
Tennis Star
Thank you for the beautiful Welcome to My New Home.
Priyanka Chopra,
Cine Actress
I would like to wish 'Prabhu Upvan' a very happy 10th birthday and many more to come...
Sameer Sen,
Music Director
I am Blessed to be here.
Cine Actress
The peace one received is indeed a blessing and the good work that the Brahma Kumaris are doing should be encouraged, supported and applauded.
Ruby Bhatia,
Anchor and Actress
Brahma Kumaris have combined all wonderful qualities of East and West to convey the message of One God, One Light, One Purity, One Truth, Om Shanti.

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Prabhu Upvan
Rajyog Retreat Center

Ekta Bhoomi Gardens, F Wing,
Dattapada Road, Opp. Sai Services,
Borivali (E), Mumbai 400 066.

Phone: +91 970 287 1000

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